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Devinder Sharma talks at the Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi Silver Jubilee celebrations at Kalady

Today on May 14th 2017, I attended the silver jubilee celebration meeting of Kerala Jaiva Karshaka Samithi at Brahmanandodayam Higher Secondary School (BHSS) Kalady. This was started by CRR Varma and Prof. John C Jacob and had played an important role in popularizing organic farming in Kerala. Typically it used to be 3 days meetings, but this time it was just for a day and couldn't see many veterans like Dayal, Tony Thomas etc...But the next generation is pulling it along. In the after  noon  session, there was a talk by Devinder Sharma, thought of sharing some of it which I still remember...The figures given here are from my memory, if there is any mistake can be corrected. "Indian cow breeds are not given any respect here, but countries like Brazil has been exporting Indian breeds. Indian breed Gir produces milk of 75 litres per day, there" "GDP growth means some destruction is happening, when trees are cut, GDP grows, rivers are polluted GDP gr